Stephen First

First Capital (Asia) Limited


As private advisory counsel we strive to serve global citizens with global solutions. We demonstrate first-tier leadership through best practice and corporate social responsibility.


We have achieved a recognized stakeholder status in a number of the higher-profile citizenship-by-investment programmes (‘CIP’). We are certified, licensed professionals.


We remain accountable for our actions and the decisions we make for and on behalf of clients and their dependent family members.


Vision and mission


As CIP stakeholders, we have for more than 30 years been privileged to play a role as agents of change, first with Canada and going forward with other programmes.


We have the depth of experience and service capability to help in creating change, change that has served to drive policies and programmes for the benefit of clients and their family members in the global market.


As agents of change we influence the future … the future of individuals and families alike providing as we do the professional guidance and direction sought after by clients and their family members.